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Scales of Justice and gavel on white table

Law - noun - \ ˈlȯ \ - a rule of conduct or action prescribed or formally recognized as binding or enforced by a controlling authority

Whether we are providing media support for specific litigation or raising their firms’ profile in the press, we offer a full array of services to lawyers.


During litigation, we generate media coverage as appropriate that can level the playing field and facilitate a favorable resolution to a matter.


We craft talking points for targeted messaging, edit filings to maximize the narrative impact of legal arguments and act as an outside communications shop, serving as a clearinghouse and a source of background information for reporters and bloggers. From press releases to arranging interviews, we handle everything during a case, freeing attorneys to concentrate on the matters at hand. We can also mobilize to protect their clients’ reputations in the court of public opinion as a case drags on.


And once the case is over, we help attorneys gain media attention for their legal victories and expertise.


Teaming up with a law firm’s in-house marketing department, we assist with website projects, rewrite bios and turn partners into thought-leaders by translating their years of trial experience into first-person pieces for the legal press. We also provide strategic guidance on putting together compelling submissions that will help them become ranked in Chambers and Partners, Benchmark Litigation and other premier legal directories. 


PivotHound – Our service to law firms can’t be dismissed.

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