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Foundation - noun - \ fau̇n-ˈdā-shən \ - an organization or institution established by endowment with provision for future maintenance.

Sometimes, those working on behalf of those less fortunate are simply too busy to stop and tell their story.


But doing so is essential. Telling the story invites the community, private sector and public agencies to support and join in the work. Moreover, competition for recognition and revenues in the nonprofit space is every bit as fierce as the for-profit sphere. Nonprofits that don’t tell their stories, either through earned or social media, lose a powerful way to connect with constituent audiences and potential donors.


PivotHound has helped nonprofits and foundations expand their audiences, garner increased public and private support, protect their reputations and further their civic causes.


Our work has included writing a crisis communications plan for a major funder of scientific research, helping a citizens coalition battle an unwanted development that would burden a prime water source, and placing an Op Ed opposing the California death penalty in a major publication. We’ve also helped a nonprofit launch a recent drive to register thousands of new minority voters.


PivotHound – Telling stories well for those who do good.

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