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White marble columns outside of government building

Public Sector - noun -  \ ˈpə-blik  ˈsek-tər , -ˌtȯr \ - the part of an economy that is controlled or owned by the government.

Our team excels at helping government agencies and public officials get the media attention they deserve for programs and projects that would go unnoticed or might be defeated because of a lack of community support.


Our messaging has driven change, sometimes against great odds, for the benefit of the disadvantaged or underserved communities.


Among the public agencies and projects that our team members have worked on, now and in the past:

  • Changed public opinion about locating a train stop in a historically overlooked area of South Los Angeles;

  • Helped public defenders obtain a stay of execution for a death-row inmate based on new evidence;

  • Worked on a media campaign for a Southwest Indian tribe’s lawsuit against federal regulators;

  • Created and implemented a strategic media plan for a quasi-public agency that was threatened with a lawsuit by a former executive;

  • Explained the accomplishments of a little-known Los Angeles County joint-powers authority dedicated to first responders;

  • Drafted opinion pieces and speeches on behalf of public officials about legislation in Sacramento;

  • Devising media strategy for a proposed residential trade-school academy dedicated to training the next generation of transportation workers.


We’ve planned and carried out scores of press conferences and community events, complete with talking points for office holders and background materials for the media. And we’ve built social media platforms that inform and engage constituents without earned media.


PivotHound – Media coverage that is a vote in your favor.

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