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Skyscrapers in big city

Company - noun - \ ˈkəmp-nē\ - an association of persons for carrying on a commercial or industrial enterprise.

Effective public relations for any business, large or small, requires more than an advertising jingle and press releases.


It means telling a company’s story in a credible and compelling way - and on a variety of media platforms - to connect with customers, build a reservoir of public goodwill, and, ultimately, build revenues.


We’ve helped a range of companies – from a local pharmacy to a public Fortune 500 company - tell their stories and protect their brands, even while under media duress.


We’ve helped corporate clients:

  • Announce product recalls;

  • Battle a highly publicized short-seller attack;

  • Defend C-level executives from charges of misconduct;

  • Neutralize negative social media campaigns fueled by rivals;

  • Answer press inquiries about the sudden departure of a key executive;

  • Secure government entitlements for major development projects;

  • Deflate false and exaggerated claims during unionization campaigns.


We’ve countered media negativity with stories that highlight the benefit of a company’s products. And we’ve media-trained top executives so they can be at their best during press interviews.


PivotHound – Our bottom line is about improving yours.

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