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Man holding microphone for interview
under media attack

Attack - verb - \ ə-ˈtak \ - to assail with unfriendly or bitter words.

In today’s social media-driven culture, an attack on your company’s good name can happen at any moment – and the impact will spread at the speed of Twitter.


What will you do when your reputation is at stake? What steps can your company take to prevent becoming the hashtag du jour?


With decades of experience as investigative reporters and journalists, we can predict where a damaging story will go in both traditional and social media. And we’ve used that experience to thwart such onslaughts for a range of clients, from a small local merchant being trolled over an intellectual property dispute and universities criticized for their response to Title IX issues to an international Fortune 500 company facing an attack by short sellers.


We play offense – placing your story where and when it matters to change the narrative in your favor.


We play defense – helping you come up with timely answers to tough questions and seeing that media outlets accord you fair and just treatment.


PivotHound – It’s your story. Control it.

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