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Two people editing and making corrections at a desk with papers
what we do

Correction - noun - \ kə-ˈrek-shən \ - the act of making something (such as an error or a bad condition) accurate or better.

Whether intentional or not, a news outlet’s error or misleading story can have a grave impact on your reputation – especially in this digital age, where stories live forever on the Internet. PivotHound will fight for corrections and clarifications to correct the record.


We believe in fairness, accountability and accuracy. We work to ensure you are properly represented in media coverage before the story appears. And we review everything as soon as it is published to make sure the facts are straight, your quotes are accurate and the context is clear.


We’ve been on both sides. We know the best course of action to get corrections and clarifications published as swiftly as possible – and your name in the clear.

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