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Scales of Justice
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Litigation - noun - \ˌli-tə-ˈgā-shən\ - the process of taking legal action.

As U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy once said, “An attorney’s duties don’t begin inside the courtroom door.” An attorney has the duty to defend his or her client’s reputation in the court of public opinion as well.


Today, lawyers and the people they represent know that the court of public opinion is always in session – and it can have powerful implications on their cases.


Our expertise in litigation support helps advance cases through accurate media coverage. We help free attorneys from the chore of handling press calls and we add extra value to their clients by preserving their reputations even before a verdict is returned. We also work to keep the media conversation on track by helping draft quotable and understandable court filings, by working with reporters on background to explain legal technicalities, and by producing instant media statements in response to court rulings.

With PivotHound, your arguments will prevail.


You'll be prepared to speak to the press. You'll deliver statements and quotes that enhance your case - or drive the other side to the bargaining table. You'll also know when to say nothing at all.

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