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Crisis - noun - \ ˈkrī-səs \ - an unstable or crucial time or state of affairs in which a decisive change is impending.

A crisis is a problem too long ignored. And if you start thinking about what to say when the problem gets out of hand, you’re already one step behind.

That’s why we urge our clients to prepare for the worst through crisis planning.


We start with understanding your industry, and the political and social climates in which you operate. Then we put on our reporting hats and conduct an internal "scrubbing" that identifies potential areas of media vulnerability.


We incorporate all of this into a comprehensive and customized crisis communications plan – a blueprint that identifies your key decision-makers, outlines a communications decision tree, shapes targeted messaging to your employees and key stakeholders, and provides holding statements for the media.


Finally, we run table-top sessions with your crisis management team so that it knows what to do when the TV trucks roll up and your reputation is on the line.

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